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  1. Exalus

    Death Penalty

    Im lvl 157, i hunt on fallen angels without stamina, just with pills, and yet it takes at least 1 hour to up. If you have any secrets on how you can do it in 25m please tell me
  2. Exalus

    Death Penalty

    The exp penalty should be reduced, this is looking like old school tibia, it takes 2 hours to level and when it dies it loses an entire level, many players have little time to play, for them it is like losing the day, this absurd level loss is reason for many to stop playing, the blessing alone should erase the penalty. And still many players have connection problems, I die every day because of this
  3. Exalus

    Overpriced skins

    It is a very bad idea to lower the price, this is because the premium bag is only 800k, at level 138 I already make 300k a day, if the skins were cheap I would have already bought them all.
  4. Many players are losing connection to the server in the middle of hunting and are dying a lot, it would be a good thing if they remove the loss of exp temporarily from pve, and leave it only to pvp until they fix the problem.
  5. Exalus


    Using the technique "rage", u will transform level 50-75-140-225-350
  6. It's just make new offensive spells for the dende to hunt solo and increase the exp bonus with the dende on the pt and that's it, who wouldn't want a dende on the pt?
  7. Guys, go hunt, get level 140 before say things like that, vegeta is one of the best for pvp and have more life than goku. (Vegeta really becomes hyper strong in level 140).
  8. That's right. Dps naturally heal more because they have more focus.
  9. Exalus

    Ki Drain

    Both ki drain and life drain works only with autoattack, skills no.
  10. O double kamehameha tem sim man, se n me engano ele aumenta no 120 ou 121, a primeira wave aumenta e dps d upar mais uma vez a segunda tbm vai aumentar.
  11. Exalus

    Goku czy Vegeta?

    Widzę na żywo drganie Galharda, jego goku 117 nie jest bliskie uderzenia 3k: V, myślę, że vegeta jest dobry na Pve, a ja Goku na PvP za to, że jest w stanie walczyć.
  12. Exalus

    Goku czy Vegeta?

    Człowieku, vegeta jest bardzo silna, jeśli naprawdę jesteś na poziomie 103, vegeta jest lepsza niż goku
  13. Exalus

    Goku czy Vegeta?

    Mam goku 107 z 93 ostrością i dzisiaj widziałem vegetę 103 uderzającą 1,9k fioletowym zaklęciem, już moje goku uderza najwyżej 1,7k, jednak vegeta nie jest dobra w walce, ale w pve muszę przyznać, że jest znacznie lepszy niż goku, więc jeśli lubisz więcej pvp, stwórz goku, jeśli tylko pve to vegeta, która ma dużo obrażeń i zużywa mniej ki.
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