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  1. Só pode ser piada alguém falar que o Vegeta precisa de nerf, boneco é disparado o pior de todos, não tenho amigo ingame to lv 105 upando solo na mão, na RAÇA, porque não tenho ninguém pra me carregar (diferentes dos top Vegetas) e aleatórios não querem PT com Vegetas (e dou razão). Sobre a cura, é uma magia do level 100 que requer as 7 esferas pra poder cortar cura (me poupem) e não vou nem entrar no mérito que é algo apenas forte no PvP que é uma nuance SECUNDÁRIA do game e o paralyze (que não faço ideia do que seja, procurei nas skills dele de level alto e não tem isso, se você se refere ao slow do Final Flash, é bem ruim, até quando recebo essa magia de algum Vegeta nem me importo porque o slow dura MUITO pouco tempo, talvez tenha utilidade em pelegos específicos que tu pode usar como paralyze do Tibia pra evitar que um usuário se cure ou fuja, mas como falei anteriormente isso é uma nuance fucking SECUNDÁRIA, portanto não atenuante) Já joguei tanto MMO na minha vida que vocês não tem noção desde 2001 quando comecei com Ultima Online passando por MU, LineAge, Dragon Raja, EverQuest e afins, falo com propriedade que Vegeta é um personagem mal feito com kit péssimo, colocado pra encher linguiça afinal é um personagem essencial de Dragon Ball, tem funcionalidades fora da curva? Tem, como a passiva que é "OP" mas que serve apenas em momentos específicos, não há como escolher um momento bom pra usa-la, apenas reze pra ela procar num momento propicio, caso contrario é desperdício total de uma das maiores forças do boneco (e são 4 minutos de CD a passiva, risos), ISSO quando você precisa dela e quando você não precisa? Que é 90% do tempo, passiva "OP" mas anti-funcional... Enquanto isso todos os outros bonecos tem funcionalidades on demand, Gohan e Goku, por exemplo, os pontos altos desses personagem são usáveis no momento que o usuário achar melhor, e todos os outros personagens exceto Vegeta tem funcionalidades pra qualquer momento. Na minha humilde opinião deveria ser feito um rework total no Vegeta e minha sugestão seria focar na funcionalidade do Smell Of Fear que achei bem da hora e diferente, fazer do Vegeta uma especie de bruiser que se cura (nada muito absurdo como é o SoF atual) ao longo do DPS, sendo necessário o DPS continuo e inteligente pra funcionalidade do boneco. (algo como o Sylas antigo do League Of Legends) Chega ser surreal que exista quem defenda o Vegeta atual, claramente é uma tentativa de deixar o boneco no limbo que ele está, já que provavelmente nenhum de vocês joga dele e curte o fato dele ser um inútil saco de pancadas (já estive nessa posição e ela é deveras agradável)
  2. Elite Susha and Elite Kiri are bosses, at least i was told this. And bosses although they seemly do not give bonus rewards, this is a misreading cuz they actually drop 1.2 and 1.3 itens. Only Elite Susha, for example, drops Susha Armor/Legs/Boots 1.2 and 1.3, it depends on your luck and if you get a good bonus combination you can have and item that costs almost 1KK, so i think it's pretty good. My only criticism towards bosses is their healing, which makes almost impossible to solo them even if you can tank it for ages.
  3. malfus

    PVP event

    They are changing it, but they are changing it WRONG. This Event PvP should be only based on win/defeat if anything you get a bit of extra points (or less point loss in case of defeat) with a good K/D/A. As i said before in Discord, my most epic performance BY FAR was in a game my team was getting smashed and i managed to steal 2 glimmers and in the end we won by 10 points margin, my K/D/A was complete shit, in the end i lost a ton of points, extremely unfair. Which is curious, cuz the first time i went into PvP Event i was sincerely amazed, cuz most Tibialike games have dumb PvP ramifications, it's all about kills and deaths and i think this is outdated as f*ck, however i found out quite fast those objetives was pretty much useless, if there is some discrepancy in power between 2 teams in a match, they complete ignore the objetives and go for the kills cuz that's all that matters, makes no sense at all. K/D/A points system promotes cowardly gameplay, as soon as people realise it's going to be a tough Event, they insta go AFK, even if Staff manages to punish AFK players, they would still play as cowardly as possible to die less, and i find almost impossible for the Staff to filter cowardly gameplay from legit ones. When i saw "2. Changes to the Glimmer - for now killing a Glimmer gives huge advantage to the team that dealt the last hit. We do not want to keep it that way. Glimmer won't have so big impact during the event after the changes." in patch notes i knew they got it wrong, it's unfortunate. 🤷‍♂️ In the end, i honestly think if you guys from ROTS Staff thinks K/D/A should be such a big deal in PvP Events, you should get rid of objetives all together. Make a Battle Royale-esque PvP Event, but if you're going to make an objetive based Event, make those nuances around the objetive as meaningful as possible. Regards.
  4. I don't know if Tutorials is the right place for this, but i find this quite helpful. Since i began playing this game every now and then i see beginners complaning about the Pirate Robots spawns (i myself included, doing Pirate Robot task was the worse), some even wrongfully thinks they are only for premium acc players. There is a "hidden" place where you can hunt Pirate Robots in a much better way right beside East Capitol City: Cheers.
  5. malfus

    Tutorial Request

    Most of the things said here should be in their website, i actually made a post here requesting some consideration into completely reworking their website which, from my experience, is extremely amateurish while the game itself is solid and professional in most parts considering the small group of developers.
  6. malfus

    I'm tired.

    I'm not disagreeing with you all (in fact i agree with most things said here), but the way you guys are demading things it seems you own them. Be more polite, they don't have any obligation in doing that "right way".
  7. Rhalão you should try Bug Report area here in the forums.
  8. As Adox said Buu is one of the strongest classes right now, i don't know why you're complaning, i think you chose the wrong role my friend, tanks are suppose to be punching bags and Buu does it better than anyone in the game, sometimes in PvP we need 4+ players to kill a single Buu and even so it's takes quite a while, if your team plays a bit well they can easily capitalize on this. Do not expect a tank to have damage, insane AoE skills and stuff, they are not suppose to do so. Maybe you should've done what i did, i didn't want to be easily killed but at the same time i wanted to be a decent damage dealer, so i went for the semi/half tank role. The one who needs change and FAST is Vegeta, weakest class in the game by far.
  9. malfus

    Few Suggestions

    I've something new to add: 1) You guys should really reconsider some nuances in PvP specially how it works when you get PK'ed by a group of people (4+), in Tibia the loss penaulties are extremely diminished cuz the game understands it wasn't a fair battle. For example, i like playing solo and now it's getting very hard in the late stages of the game, i'm getting PK'ed by group of people all the time and losing half a level bar makes no sense to me. 2) I did understand the change in Kinto (not possible to change floors in combat), however getting on Kinto should work just fine even in combat, i see no reason to have both limitations, it's impractical to have both. 3) You guys need to improve Vegeta's early game (i'm not an expert but i was told Vegeta is one of the most powerful classes level 200+), cuz right now Vegetas are almost useless in PvP, i got 4 Vegetas in my team in TF and it was one of the most one sided battles i've experienced so far, they can't tank, they can't crowd control and they can't damage, pitiful state the most prideful warrior in the franchise is.
  10. Hello ROTS Admins, I have some suggestion that you should consider as fast as possible. 1) Please do something about the Capsule Depot, it should have way more compartments, it's hell to keep everything organized without Backpacks, and even with Backpack it's not ideal. I remember when Tibia had this issue back in 2004. 2) There is a problem when comes to opening multiple Backpacks when it is full of items, you should be able to open at least 4 but for some reason you can't open more than 2, if you try it, it closes everything, which worsen the previous issue 3) Please do something about the website, it's poorly done, you guys have almost nothing relevant in there (it would take 2 pages just to tell the basics stuff about everything that should be in your website), i was insanely surprised when i started this game and i found out it was extremely well made, your website gives an amateurish vibe about it all, i only went throught to play because i love Dragon Ball with all my heart but i thought i was going to play for 5 minutes tops, honestly in my mind because of the website i thought this game was going to be terrible, so terrible there i would enjoy it momentarily just to laugh a little bit. The website is your gateway, it should be the first thing to be "perfect", then you can think about the game. The design isn't bad though, could be better (specially the logo) but isn't bad. 4) Somewhere should be displayed simple information about 'Critical Rate', 'Tenacity', etc, what focus really do? I improved my focus by 20 points and i didn't really felt a big damage output by my abilities, all others skills already have a decent amount of info when you reach the ability in game with the mouse, how Life Drain works? How Ki Drain works? How every class nuance influence your skills, abilities and actions? For example, Gohans improves focus more easily than Vegetas? Gokus improves fist fighting more easily than Dendes? (Similar to Knight, Paladins and Mages in Tibia). Those information should be somewhere. 5) I don't know what's happening to the market but there are offers even when they are way cheaper they are always at the bottom, but we all know that the cheaper offers should be always on top. This issue seems minor but because of this i have a insanely hard time selling itens, i think twice to put things on market, it's better to just sell the thing at NPC. 6) Bonus Tear Reveal should be reworked, if someone gets a Tier 4 low level item only the dumbest human being alive would spend 70k in a 300 zeni item, IF he has the money for it, which i find quite impossible, most low level itens in market with tier 3+ to be revealed stay unsold forever, the best thing you can do when for some miracle you get a low level high tier item is sell it at the nearest NPC... So low level itens should be way cheaper to unlock such bonuses, what can you do? You could make different bonus tear reveal that can only reveal 'specific level range' itens. (sorry for my irony here, i got a low level high tier item in my very first day in this game and it was extremely frustrating to see that a needed 70k to unlock it, not just that but 'till this day that item is stll unsold at market) Now i'll talk about suggestions in a general way: 1) There should be a better way to improve skills when you are already ahead, it takes me AGES to improve a single fist fighting skill, although this is not a problem itself but since we need to click to improve skill i literally have PHYSICAL pain to improve a single skill. So i have two suggestion to remedy this, you could make something similar to Monk Trainer in Open Tibia servers, you let your character there hitting something until it improves OR you could make stamina to deplete only when you click (this would help a lot since i click like a crazy dude so i can capitalize as much stamina as possible ,after all if i do nothing stamina will continue to deplete), about mov speed and agility training, the way it is, is great, don't change it. If nothing is done about the rest, bots for training will be a big problem in the future. 2) Daily taks should've give more than just experience, sometimes i forget to do Daily tasks and i shouldn't. 3) People are going to hate me for this however i think drop rate should be nerfed A LOT, everytime i go to a hunt place, sometimes in less than 30 minutes i need to get back to sell itens in the city, this is a problem, i think. This is literally 5 minutes at Pterodactyl: This is all for now, i'll keep updating this topic whenever i think of something. Now i need to say i few quick things to all ROTS Dev team, you guys made an awesome game, i dare to say it's even better than it's core game (Tibia), it really reminds me when i played SvkE's Poketibia for the first time in 2009/2010 (don't remember exactly when), extremely well made guys, keep up the work cuz you have a gold mine in your hands. Regards, Malfus
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