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  1. Adding a new wave skill to him would also be very good
  2. Things that can be improved in vegeta His kienzan can be an enhancer to give more damage, but it must not be the same skill that goku uses in the system, the part must be created otherwise it will only influence even more on goku The width of your Final Flash The Blaster Burst ability can be increased its damage Smell Of Fear can load faster in PVP as it is absurdly slow when used against player Big Bang Attack can do more PVP damage, PVE damage is already perfect The mana cost can be improved, the vegeta skills have a huge mana cost and honestly the character looks like a leaky gas tank
  3. As our vegeta is an off-tank class, its level 80 ability can also be changed, the damage of the same serious as the meteor of gohan can be increased but without the risk of death when approaching the mobs The mana cost of vegeta skills can also be reduced as it is very high When hunting in frozen skeleton, my colleague is also playing vegeta and acquiring level 130, he did very well by closing the box, I was even impressed with his vegeta
  4. I forgot to talk, create all the characters so you can leave them training so when you decide to choose one of them you will have good skills which will help you a lot As for buu, go for me it's a horrible class whether for PVE or PVP PVE the same can't do good EXP solo let alone a good loot PVP he just catches the enemy and plays ghost "Ah but the buu tank everything and everyone" He can do this in PVE but in compensation his ATK skills are demotivated, the desire to uninstall the game is great And in PVP how can I say, a level 150 buu dies to a level 90 gohan as for the piccolo he tank even level 225 players
  5. Man I play solo vegeta since level 1 and I had no difficulty it is obvious that the reason for that was because I was already high level in a character which allowed me to acquire good items for when I was going to play with a new character (Vegeta) I do not have to go "hungry", for those who are starting to play I recommend first creating a piccolo because with it you can farm from the beginning of the level 100 game you can go kiri and do 600 to 1kk a day, when you are with good money and good teams and you want to play with something new of your choice you can buy good equipment for the same
  6. I'm playing vegeta and honestly the class in my opinion is very good, it has a good resistance, life, damage When I was playing buu I was very unmotivated because the class was dependent on the team to do anything already my Vegeta I can do everything myself The class's only problem is the high mana cost of its abilities I'm up in a red ptero I take 700 senzu and left the hunt with about 50, 100 Let's suppose that I make 100K of loot of those 100K, there will be 30K left over for me to keep and 70K will be bought from half senzu, it hurts my heart when I have to buy food because the money I saved will be invested in the coconuts
  7. Well we have some guild rules When someone random is playing with a player that is wanted, we warn him so that he no longer with this person, otherwise he starts to be hunted with him When it comes to places to acquire level we prioritize our members if the level up location is large and can be shared we ask the person to go to the other side of the respaw The big problem for players is that when they receive a message they end up responding with insults and other low-ranking words which results in them acquiring their heads on the hunting list
  8. Power Implant O Power Implant séria um implant para equipamentos onde você escolhe o status que deseja para seu item Para usar o implante é necessário ter um equipamento que não contem nenhum tier Exemplo: Você apenas pode por 1 Power Implant em cada equipamento O Power Implant possui 3 categorias e cada uma com seu valor Exemplo: Tier 3 -> O valor do Power Implant T3 é de 100K Tier 4 -> O valor do Power Implant T4 é de 200K Tier 5 -> O valor do Power Implant T5 é de 300K Para criação do implante séria necessário alguns itens, dinheiro e um pouco de sorte pois cada categoria iria possuir uma porcentagem de sucesso/falha Exemplo: 80x Pterodactyl Tail, 30x Pterosaur Beak, 15x Robot Skull Após o sucesso ao colocar o Power Implant no item de sua escolha esse implante vai ficar durante 12 horas no seu item Eu pensei em algo como uma quest onde você libera as categorias do Power Implant, NPC solicitando itens, matar alguns monstros a pedido do NPC, desvendar locais, algo que venha a ter um pouco de RPG, desvendar algum mistério, buscar por algum local escondido, eu posso elaborar algo bacana se for o caso Outra coisa que pensei foi que o mesmo possa solicitar no lugar de dinheiro pontos das tasks para concluir a solicitação A ideia é que os itens que não tem tier(itens normais) ou itens acumulativos de monstros venham a se tornar algo útil e deixem de apenas ser loot para os jogadores
  9. Please explain to me what is the use of the MW when all players have a teleport, tell me more about the CC of the tanks because I still have not seen a clear utility if I don’t press a hotckey and give a simple CC that can be easily cut either with climbing a ladder or using the teleport, tell me more about the tank characters playing the punching bag, is that just what they are for? Punching bags, MW players and useless CC's? Come on, management can do better and ideas abound, I have 3 skills that I consider "strong" 3 are kamehamehas that border on ridicule, it seems that the administration ran out of time and repeated the skills As for chocolates, I think you didn't understand that the tank class is the slowest class and that 15% reduction in movement speed is a lot, I practically can't keep up with my team when I'm up and I have high speed skills I don't want to have an argument or blablablá, I want the guys to get together and everyone to discuss X class and see/speak their points of view and what they noticed so that we can come up with good ideas so that the game grows with good gameplay
  10. I'm a level 90 buu and honestly I don't see any advantage in creating this shit class, unfortunately I didn't get to play the beta to know how useless it was to be a tank in this game, let's start talking about the PVE mode Defense is a really dumb attribute that doesn't work well, something that can be easily corrected and I believe in the management's potential The class has nothing attractive unless you are a masochist, I only serve to be beaten and if a monster stops hitting me I am forced to pull the aggro out of it again and then be beaten again I didn't test the piccolo and I don't even intend to buy a buu already bad imagine your fellow, I gain 20% defense against physical damage when I eat 7 chocolates and lose 15% of movement, the tank class is the least mobile and still make me lose 15% what is the logic of this? A turtle gets faster The healing of each chocolate is something very important to stay alive but at the same time it is horrible, if I am gaining levels in a group and I close the box I will not move to pick up the chocolate until the surrounding creatures are dead and even so when everyone dies my dende has already cured my life completely, it would be more logical to make that after the death of the monsters the chocolate goes straight to my backpack where it will be easily found and used and if this is done you should for a certain amount usage time limit so they don't abuse it in PVP, make it something to use in extreme urgency and don't be spamming like senzu, like 30 seconds or 1 minute When it comes to PVP it's ashamed because my skills are useless, the class managed to be totally useless having only as a utility to play MW that is useless because everyone has teleportation If you have a good reflex you managed to make my stun useless, it's easy to get out of it just by teleporting There is no logic just that tank classes can do MW that doesn't even exist in the anime and if you want to do that in the game make an NPC that sells them and that all classes can use, it would make more sense and it would be something much cooler I deserve more than just being a punching bag, increase our damage, give us more use, don't you know how to balance? Ask questions, talk to the players, look for players to help them with this we are here and while some just want to play others besides playing they want to see the game grow with a good performance
  11. Hello!!! My name is Manoel and the name of my characters is Cipfried and Dallheim, I will be bringing images about my evolution within the game, I hope you like it 😘
  12. If it’s rationing it’s being a small patch, they just forgot to say it was every 15 minutes
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