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  1. Wizi

    Universe II: Uranai Baba

    @SuchaFoka We're not working on any new character yet, but we've a goal to add one in the future (probably at Universum III launch). We'll for sure create a poll soon about what is the next character players would like to see in the Return of the Saiyans world
  2. Wizi

    Universe II: Uranai Baba

    @MagiciaN It will depend on the Universes population. We might merge Universum I with Universum II, although only if both server economies will be at the similar level. We also won't merge it for first several months of Universe II for sure. If it comes to character transfers we've not decided yet.
  3. Wizi


    Hi, We're aware of this issue and we'll try to fix it. It happens when you're using teleportation device while having a Supporting Character. Thanks for the report.
  4. @Drafex Random star lights drops from box which is available at Premium Shop.
  5. Wizi

    No bandits ?

    We had to delete these Bandits and put Bears in their place as tons of new players were struggling for their lives right here. Bandits are in nearby castle. We will delete the mark on minimap - thanks for the report.
  6. Wizi


    @Makowiec Dziś zaczniemy nad nim pracować. Na dniach powinien pojawić się w grze.
  7. Hi, PVP Monthly rewards are disabled until we add Team Fight event update which is stated in one of the news on forum. We 100% agree that there shoul be some info in-game, so newcomers wouldn't get missguided and we'll add it in the next update. Thanks for your suggestion and sorry for inconvenience.
  8. Hi there! I do not really speak portuguese, but if google translates it correctly then you've issues with client update. To solve it you've to run the game as administrator.
  9. Wizi

    Update 1.5.17

    Hello players! Another patch is here! As we mentioned before it contains mostly some bug fixes. Everything can be read below: - made some improvements to Puar so we believe it will work as intended now, - set the damage limit of Gohan's "hidden potential" technique to 10k, - decreased Androids' wave damage in Time Chamber, - removed "Texture filtering" option; from now on it's automatically enabled for everyone and it's responisble for pixeling the game, - from now on, Bulma will be able to craft more than one shovel or key, - added info regarding monster's level in ROTSpedia, - removed information about market in the premium cards tooltips in premium shop, - from now on, it will be possible to get 105 focus skill, - removed sorting option by "hidden tier" in market since it is no longer available in game, - fixed a bug in the 4th room of CC Lab, where info regarding boss popped up after 2 completed tasks, - from now on, our character should not move when we try to walk into another player if there is no room (double fixed this feature), - added brand new item to the premium shop which will renew all the Blessings and Energy Points, - decreased Tier 3 Reveal Gadget price from 15 000 to 3 000 zeni. That's it! Don't forget about Boss Event that takes place between server saves on 26.09 and 28.09. Also feel free to comment all the changes! You can also post some screenshoots from the boss hunting! Have a good weekend, players! Best Regards, RotS Team.
  10. Witaj @Karwi Spróbuj uruchomić grę jako administrator, update przejdzie Ci raz jeszcze ale już przy kolejnym uruchomieniu powinieneś móc zalogować się do gry
  11. Wizi

    Ban Motive?

    Hi, If a player performs any activities in the game, he is obliged to respond to the administration within a minute. That's one of the game rules which you've broke. We cannot tell if you've a weight over your keyboard or a macro, but it's not a case. You've got banned for performing activicties while not responding to administration in the game.
  12. Wizi


    @Géder @edit Try to run client as administrator, that should help.
  13. Wizi


    Hi, Have you tried to download the game from the website?
  14. Wizi


    Hi! I do not really understand your message but with a little help of Google Translate I am guessing you're asking why you got banned. Check the User Code at TOS - https://saiyansreturn.com/terms-of-service There you will find all the reasons for which players might get banned.
  15. Hi! There are Cash Mashines all around the cities. Deposit your zenis there if you want to make any transaction via the market.
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