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  1. Wizi


    Super Tayarin has been already punished for his behaviour. Thanks for the report.
  2. Wizi


    Hi, We'll consider adding a new technique which will allow a player transform to his latest form. Thanks for your suggestion.
  3. Hi, I've answered in your previous topic, so I am closing this one.
  4. I've lower your penalty to 7 days.
  5. Wizi

    Gohan passive

    Hi The issue of using Gohan's passive without targeting mob is caused by DMG Reflect bonus. It will be fixed in the next patch. Thanks for your report.
  6. Hi! We are aware of current market window flaws. The change that you've mentioned in your 1st point is already on our task list. I like the idea behind the 3rd point as it would make selling items way more faster and easier. The market priority on our task list is a bit low, cuz current market functionality makes it possible to sell and purchase items, although we'll do our best to bring some minor changes soon. Thanks for your suggestions.
  7. Wizi

    Farm System

    Hi, We think that whole farming system could be a lot more entertaining than it is now, but it will take some time before we add the system which we have in plans already, so you've to arm yourself with a bit of patience if it comes to huge changes. Although, there are few things that we could do in spare time while working on things with higher priority, that could make farm system a bit more fun - like adding a small quest where player could unlock possibility of purchasing seeds from NPC, make hoe and bucket of water possible to add on technique bar, add an indicator that would let player know when he has to water the plant, etc. These are things that shouldn't be that time consuming and we'll consider adding them in near future
  8. Wizi

    PVP Color Names

    Hi, We've already noticed that in the heat of battle it's pretty hard to differ your teammates from the enemies. Changing color of HP and the nickname is not really good idea as there is already system that change color of the HP based on player's health. We will think about adding a border around the enemies, so it would be easier to spot them.
  9. Hi, The biggest and the only benefit of having a lot of Ki is getting your Focus skill faster (btw. that's why in Focus highscores you can mostly see Dendes and Gohans). Additionally, on Dende you are getting more DMG from your passive thanks to the extra Ki. We're not saying we'll never do anything about that, cuz we find it also as something that need some work on.
  10. Wizi

    Update 2.1.2

    @Yerwin Make sure to run the game as administrator in such case.
  11. Wizi

    Update 2.1.0

    We've some issue to solve with Login Server. We'll for sure notify on both Discord and Website (lett-up corner there's notification system) when server will be back online.
  12. Witam, Aby wyłączyć powiadomienie od Bulmy o rozłączeniu kolegi z drużyny wystarczy na nie kliknąć LPM. Co do funkcji Fast Target, to zaznacza ona pierwszą osobę z okna "Battle", więc odpowiednio dobierając ustawienia tego okna, możesz zrobić tak, żeby nie pokazywało Ci w ogóle graczy i wtedy już nie będzie Ci przeznaczało kolegi z drużyny.
  13. Wizi

    Universe II: Uranai Baba

    @SuchaFoka We're not working on any new character yet, but we've a goal to add one in the future (probably at Universum III launch). We'll for sure create a poll soon about what is the next character players would like to see in the Return of the Saiyans world
  14. Wizi

    Universe II: Uranai Baba

    @MagiciaN It will depend on the Universes population. We might merge Universum I with Universum II, although only if both server economies will be at the similar level. We also won't merge it for first several months of Universe II for sure. If it comes to character transfers we've not decided yet.
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