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    Exactly this, thanks, sorry for no screenshot
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    Hi again, As you are probably aware we experienced a critical issue. That's why we had to reset the game's economy (items, depot, market transactions, etc) to the state of October 18, 20:30 CET. Everyone affected by this rollback will get a compensation - special item which will grant double loot for a player. It will be able to use for certain amount of time (e.g. 20h). We are really sorry for the inconvenience. Best Regards, RotS Team.
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    Server is back online.
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    Server is offline again. We're working on the issue with Shenlong wishes. We'll back as soon as possible.
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    Server is back online. The critical bug has been fixed. Once again - we are really sorry for incoveniencie and as we've already mentioned we'll compensate that by doing Double Loot Event on the next weekend. Unfortunately, due to the today's issues we need to postpone the launch of Test Server on tomorrow (October 20, 19:00 CET).
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    Regarding the items, I think he is referring to this type
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    Hi. The Soul Grasp Essence has no use yet but it will be a valuable item in the future, so do not throw it away ^^ About the items with background... What exactly you mean? Can you send a screenshoot here which might be helpful to answer your question ^^
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    Juz wszystko powinno dzialac
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    Dear players, We've found a critical issue that affects game's economy in a negative way and we have to shutdown the server for 2 hours. Additionally, we are forced to roll-back the whole economy (items, market transactions, zenis, etc.) to yesterday 20:30~ CET. Characters progress such as level, skills and exp will not be touched. Since the roll-back affects tons of you guys, we'll compensate that with Double Loot event in the next weekend. We're really, really sorry for inconvenience. Best Regards, RotS Team.
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