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    Hey! It's live! Universum II: Uranai Baba is open! Start your adventure same as your favourite characters did! We hope you will have a lot of fun and you will experience unforgetable moments in the Return of the Saiyans world! Btw. one more thing worth to be mentioned - we added "level" and "focus" category in Highscores section on the website. See you! Best Regards, RotS Team.
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    Hello dear players! Small reminder on the beginning - Tomorrow at 18:00 (CET) Universum II: Uranai Baba is starting. Everyone can create characters already! Patch note: - from now on, fixing antennas requires minimum 30 level, - from now on, Sniper (supporting character) will deal damage based on player's level, - from now on, a non agressive monster attacked by supporting character will become agressive, - fixed matchmaking in Team Fight Event so it should match equal number of players in both teams (previosuly, it was possible the teams were 2 vs 4 or so), - fixed movement animation of players and monsters so it should work properly now, - from now on, all missile techniques should be visible, - changed the button of Team Search, - from now on, players under level 50 will be able to pass through each other. In addition we added new backpacks to the premium shop. Feel free to check it out! Best Regards, RotS Team.
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    When will the server be online again?
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    Dear Players! For a long time, many of you have been expecting the next Universum. Now, it is the time to meet your expectations! We're happy to announce that new server called Universum II: Uranai Baba will be launched on November 27! A fresh start is not all what we prepared for you. There will be lots of new things in the game as well as some changes. Speaking about changes - lots of them will be in Team Fight Event. We want TFE to be enjoyable and fun for everyone that's why we did some necessary changes in its balance. We hope you will like them! In addition, the new server brings new systems. The most important is Clan & War system. Along with the launch of Universe II you will be able to create your own clans and participate in epic wars with others. Are you ready to face your enemies in the real battle? Another big new thing will be Jewellery Upgrade. After completing a small task for a nice jeweller you will be able to Upgrade any Jewellery you want up to +3. It will be a huge boost for your statistics! We'll bring you some more teasers in next few days, so stay tuned! We can't wait! Best Regards, RotS Team.
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    Hi, here is the list of the events time: Polish time is the GMT+1 while Brazilian time is GMT-3
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    To jest losowe gdzie i kiedy sie pojawi tzn boss danego moba, jest oczywiscie duzo mocniejszy i tak lot jest lepszy, a co dropi to nie ma nigdzie napisanego, ale mysle ze te same itemy lub z lepszymi statystykami.
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    Hi! Thank you for sharing your opinion suggestion with us! It's been already stated by RotS Team that Universe II will be a PvP server. We're aware dying for no reason might be frsutrating but this is how PvP works. We'll think about an optional PvP server but I can't make any promises for now : ( For now, we are focused on successful launch of Universe II: Uranai Baba.
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    Hello! The closer to the update, the more information we want to provide. Today we will say a few words about changes in the Team Fight Event! We've been aware that the changes to the Team Fight Event are necessary. For a long time we've been working hard to make it balanced and fun for everyone and you will see the results in several days! The main problem with TFE was players matchamking. But no worries, that issue is gone! The new matchmaking system will be based on players' skill (so it is as much equal as possible). Another big problem in the current Team Fight Event might be the level difference. However the levels shouldn't have any impact now as skill will matter the most. Players between levels 80 and 149 will be matched together and their level will be equaled to 80. Same thing goes to players with level 150+. They will be matched together and their level will be equaled to 150. Thanks to that system all the players will be split into only 2 groups and the most important factor will be player's skill. Best Regards, RotS Team.
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    @Pevij i though that u was right to be upset until I zoomed in on your screen and saw that you was looking for program that record your movements..? cheers! @Wizi
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    @SuchaFoka We're not working on any new character yet, but we've a goal to add one in the future (probably at Universum III launch). We'll for sure create a poll soon about what is the next character players would like to see in the Return of the Saiyans world
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    Oi, criei este tópico para falar sobre o preço das gemas. A comunidade brasileira no jogo é até que grande, mas mesmo assim as opções de "doação" no site não possui a opção em Real, apenas em euro e a outra moeda que não me recordo, fazendo ficar muito caro o preço dos itens se convertidos em real. Sei que alguém vai dizer "aah, mas é só ficar fazendo task dia todo que rapidinho pega o puar e o vip". O problema não é nem esse, o problema é que o jogo deixa de ganhar dinheiro por não ter opção de real, pois muitos não querem pagar 100$+ pra simplesmente pegar um puar e um vip de 30 dias, se fosse em real, seria mais comum comprarem não apenas o vip e o puar, como também as skins da loja (que são os itens que dão dinheiro ao jogo)
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    @Drafex Random star lights drops from box which is available at Premium Shop.
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    Hello everybody, I would like to know the frequency of the events (team fight & monster event). Can anyone tell me the time? Thanks in advance!
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    We had to delete these Bandits and put Bears in their place as tons of new players were struggling for their lives right here. Bandits are in nearby castle. We will delete the mark on minimap - thanks for the report.
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    Hi Sadcman, No, it is not possible yet but they are planning to introduce something resembling guilds kind of soon - it was recently on the public test server
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    Thx, Deadjim We tested and everything was correct. Thank you!! Now I will be a great farmer with Sadcman 😉
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    Aha, but what about the people that don't want to use a browser then? Should they be forced to open a browser and read the information here?? What if I only want to read such information by carrier pidgeon? The information is in a place where everyone easily and for free can reach it and it is written in the most common language we have, asking for anything more than this is just sheer laziness if you ask me... You don't even actually need to download anything, you can run Discord just fine through a browser
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    Some small corrections since Chris is not playing anymore I can't ask him to edit his original post but... This is not true. You can get them on other gear too, however the max range is still 2sqm. So for example you can't use weapon + legs + armor to attack from 4sqm. Also here are the values of each bonus in each tier (made by admin Wizi) but I felt it fits nicely here in this thread too...
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    Mano tem alguma previsão pra uma conversão justa pra compra de gems?? Pagar essa parada em euro mano, tipo nem tem como cogitar, fica muito caro, tem alguma conversão pra real ou nem? E se não tem, quando vai rolar?
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